Skin’s number 1 enemy has been identified: Free-radicals. It’s lurking in environmental pollutants, UVA & UVB, cigarette smoke and alcohol, pesticides and even in toxins found in food and water. It is the main trigger of skin irritation, congestion and dehydration—leading to uneven skin tone, premature aging and fine wrinkle lines.

Boost up skin’s fighting power against free-radicals with EffiTea’s Natural Skin Defense. Starring White Tea Extract as its leading ammunition—it has the highest level of antioxidants, with 3X More Polyphenol than even Green Tea. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals effectively. In addition, combined with a powerful mix of Plants, Flower and Seaweed extracts, EffiTea Treat will infuse skin with 6X more immunity against environmental invasion, day after days resulting in glowing skin.


  • Protect Skin from Free Radicals & Damage
  • Restore Dry Skin Clarity
  • Brighten Up Dull Skin